OK Lighting Family


OK is a lighting concept currently in development.  We wondered what would result if we borrowed cues from other design industries - like outerwear or footwear - while designing a lighting piece.  OK is the result of this experimental cross-polination of design dialects.  We sought to invest OK with same sense of “aesthetic overpreparedness” that we recognized in the design ecology of the athleisure and lifestyle markets.  OK is a response to and a departure from dominant and stale trends in the lighting industry.  It is an absurd - but convincing - answer to a question that hasn’t been asked yet.
The notion of an “inside-out” light became central to our directive. As a result each of the many components of OK, about equal parts custom and ready-made, were carefully considered.  Currently we are exploring OK in two sizes, regular and XL, and of course we envision a multitude of colorways for each.

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